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Steam Straight: A Revolutionary New Hair Straightening Brush

Posted by Mary A on

Our new My Hair Straightener Brush is a healthy new way to straighten your hair. The steam in our brush opens the follicles of the hair allowing moisture and any product you apply to enter the hair, hydrating it, making it less frizzy, and stronger over time. People often think that steam is bad for their hair, but when used correctly it can make your hair healthy and strong!

My Hair Straightener Brush  from our brush will leave your hair moisturized so you will have less breakage and have hydrated, healthy looking hair. Steam lifts the cuticle of the hair, allowing moisture and product, to penetrate the to core of the hair strand, making the hair stronger over time. It also make hair more elastic, which cuts down on tangles and shrinkage (if you have naturally curly hair). Less tangles means less breakage and hair damage from combing or brushing.

My Hair Straightener Brush has also been shown to help promote hair growth. The heat from the steam stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which helps hair grow faster. It also helps break down any product build-up in the scalp and hair. A healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth!

 My Hair Straightener Brush is equipped with 7 mini vents that allow the steam to penetrate every inch of hair as it glides through the appliance. Reaching a maximum temperature of 450° Fahrenheit, the  My Hair Straightener Brush is perfect for any hair type! You can find your product on our website, along with detailed instructions for use, and our other incredible products.