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Review: A Brush that Straightens Hair

Posted by Mary A on

Patience really is a virtue.

I noticed that nowadays, people are becoming more impatient. When the internet lags one second, you throw your mobile phone or tablet away irritated that it took streaming too long. When the traffic light took a few more milli second to turn green, you turn red in anger and start honking your horns to your heart's delight.

Instead of sitting for hours in the salon to have your hair fixed by a professional hair stylist, people invented tools so you can have that salon-like look right at the comfort of your home. It first started with the flat hair iron. From steel to ceramic plates, it revolutionized the way people wear their hair long and pin straight. Then came the heated rods. Instead of using rollers, people are now able to create that professional curl, from tight to loose, airy curls! Then of course, the mermaid curling irons. Sometimes, a curl just wont do, waves are the new summer look!

Either you buy all three to get that style you want (if you have that much cash on you) or you just invest on one. I personally invested on the flat iron and the curling rod, but I find that the former is more versatile than curling rods. I can create a minimum of three looks with just a flat iron. Straight, Wavy, Feathery, Curly, etc. hair. All it took was a bit of patience and a twist and flick of the writs and viola! Perfectly structured hair every single time!

Then one day, as I was browsing through my facebook page, I saw a video post shared by one of the groups I belong in. A hair brush that could INSTANTLY straighten and tame unruly locks! I thought, "maybe it's just a hoax" or "maybe if it were real it would cost a lot!"

Then, as if enticing me with that video isn't enough, one member of that group started posting that she is selling a similar product! What happened next was history. I just couldn't stop my fingers from clicking that "Message" button. I just had to ask her how much it cost.

So, it is reasonably priced, given that it is within the same range as the other hair styling tools I invested in. 

I know you are as enthusiastic as I was when I first heard about it, so without any further adieu, here's my first impression review on the hair brush that straightens hair.

Well, as expected, judging on the cost of the product, right off the bat I knew that this one is made in China. Although it seems breakable, it actually is heavier that it looks.

The brush itself (up to the handle) is approximately 10.5 inches long. The cable is more than 6 feet long, just about enough to allow you to maneuver the hardware comfortably while plugged.

The shell adopts a US high temperature engineering plastic material. It claims to have a European electronic motherboard that complies with standard EML CCC certification. (Note: tried to research on the motherboard certification as declared on the info sheet included in the box, but to no avail.)

Okay, so it looks scary and complicated, but really, it's just like any other brush, only this one has heating capabilities running on the trunk of those bristles with red, protective, silicone beads.

On the outer layer are ordinary plastic bristles. No heat runs through these. I guess they are strategically placed there to protect your hands from touching the heated surface. Notice the curved rubber at the bottom of the brush? It doesn't have any heat running through it as well, it is just placed there to primarily protect your thumb from touching the heated area.

Right smack in the middle, the shiny black metal with red silicon beads is where all the action is. Compared with a regular brush with thin rounded bristles, the center of this brush has thick flat bristles. The shiny coating, I'm guessing, teflon, helps your hair straighten with shine. The red silicon beads are there to of course protect your scalp from being burnt.

The handle has an LED lit panel that helps you identify the temperature of the brush.This particular model claims to heat up from 60 to 230 degrees Centigrade. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you can adjust the temperature to ensure that you won't damage your locks while using this product.

On the handle is also three switches, the "Power Button" (small circle on the left), the "Plus Button" and the "Minus Button." I don't think I need to further elaborate the uses of each button.

What I like about this product is that it doesn't take too long to heat up and be ready for use. Like I said earlier, Patience is a Virtue.

Here is a summary of the product:
Name: Fast Hair Straightener
Model: HQT-906
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Rated Voltage: 100-230V 50/60HZ
Rated Power: 29W

Some reminders in using the product:
1.) Ensure that your hair is fully dry before using it. Unlike flat irons with various types of plates (for dry or wet hair) this one is only applicable with dry hair.
2.) Comb your hair first before using this product. It is not designed to untangle unruly locks. If you use it to comb your hair, the heat will sort of "permanently" keep the shape of your tangled hair.
3.) Do not immediately set the temperature on high. Gradually increase it to prevent your hair from being "cooked."
4.) Do not leave the brush turned on for a long time. It doesn't have a safety feature where it automatically shuts down when it reached a certain temperature. The last we want is to have a busted piece of hardware.
5.) Ensure to cool down the brush before storing.

So, does it really work wonders? Tell you what, I'll just show you proof that it does!

In this photo I used it on my colleague who had her hair permed a couple of months ago. Since her hair is naturally straight, the perm didn't last too long leaving her hair look dry and messy. I used the brush on her for approximately under 10 minutes.

I especially like how it made the hair look shiny afterwards!

By the way, the trick to using this product is to comb it through a thin set of hair slowly from roots to tips. Using it like a regular brush, combing your hair like there's no tomorrow won't make it straight.

I then tried to use it on my very thick, dry and coarse hair in under 5 minutes and here's how it looks like after. It's like I went to a blow dry salon!

What do you think? Want to try it? Go ahead and don't forget to share with me your thoughts!